Sunday, April 26, 2009

What did you just say????

Rezin and I were on the couch the other day and I thought that he was asleep. I was flipping through the channels (which isn't that exciting since we don't have the DISH anymore:). Well, anyway... I came across Legally Blonde and you know the older lady that Reese Witherspoon hangs out with who always seems to be popping out of her tops, if you know what I mean!! rezin, who I thought was asleep says, "Momma, I can see her pits!!! He was half asleep so I had to have him repeat himself. Heck, I probably still would have needed him to repeat himself even if it was during the day. He went ahead and repeated, "I can see her pits!!!"
I am trying to figure out what he means...can he really see her armpits I mean she is wearing a strapless dress? That is such a weird body part to comment on! So I say, "Honey what do you mean her pits? Her armpits?" He replies, half annoyed & half disgusted, "those FAT things that girls have!!!" OH MY GOSH!!! He is talking about her chest....he is referring to them a fat things with disgust!!!
Dan and I have been laughing about this ever since and will probably laugh over this as long as we live:) I am just glad he said it to me and not his Sunday School teacher. We are trying to straighten up the difference between our ARM pits and our chest.

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ChrissyD said...

OMGOSH! Janell I am sitting here CRACKING up reading this to Danny with tears in my eyes!!!! I love it! I needed the LAUGH!!!!!