Thursday, April 30, 2009

All Before 10AM!!

Our days are always filled with "adventure" and there is rarely a dull moment. Today has been no different.
Cole, Moses, and I went out to feed animals, let the chickens out of their coop, let the goats into the back pasture, and hang the clothes on the line. While I was hanging the clothes on the line I pulled a pair of jeans out of the laundry basket and something feel on my bare feet. You will for sure NEVER guess and let me guarantee you that it would have NEVER happened in California. GOAT BALLS!!! Yes you read that right. When Dan made our male goats wethers he used the band method. You put these heavy duty bands around their ...... you know and they eventually fall off. Rezin found something cool in the yard yesterday and brought them to me. I told him what they were and he decided to save them in his pocket for daddy to see.
So I washed them, not knowing of course and I know that is gross. But, I am glad that I was on top of the laundry because that could have been really bad left in the laundry room.
I found Moses in the creek. When you let him out he makes a beeline for the creek. He brought some "inside" toys out....which means they probably will never make it back in. When I finally got him out, his cloth diaper was covered in mud and poop!!! He cried all the way to the bath because he would rather stay in the mud and poop.
Rezin was on the back porch and was peeing in a fish aquarium that he had tadpoles in. GROSS I know!!! I don't think that the tadpoles would make it. I have no idea what makes them do these things. I made him pee in the grass and not the tank. This afternoon we will be cleaning that tank, I assure you.
Just think if I updated daily how much adventure I could share with you:)


Dick said...

Hi Janell:
Love your stories about life with the boys. Kill that rooster. The boys sure are growing tall.
Love to all.
Dick (& Jennie)

Jenna said...

ok. I am so glad I found out that you have a blog! I am laughing so hard right now. Only in the Samstag home would you find goat balls in the pocket of jeans just out of the washer! hahahahah.