Friday, May 29, 2009

What we have been up to...

On Memorial day we took the kids to Amicalola Falls and the kids swam and fished in the water. Moses was not content to be in the mellow pools of water. He really wanted to make it to the raging rapids. He calls swimming - "swimim" !! Dan and I spent the day being pulled by a really strong and determined two year old.
Everyone but Moses and I caught at least one fish!!!
This is so funny. It was pretty hot out and the boys had been out a lot that morning. They wanted to go back out while I put Moses down for a nap. I was fine with that as long as they both wore a hat. This is what I found when I looked out my bedroom window. They are going down into the creek looking for frogs and snakes, one has a winter beenie (which will NOT protect the face and neck from the sun) and the other has one of my sun hats on. I had to laugh and I still smile when I see this picture. At least they listened.
Can you guess what this picture is? I wish I had awesome gifts to give to the first person to guess correctly, but I don't so I will tell you....GOAT BALLS!!!
I told you that they were kinds cute! I can't believe that I just said that.

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Blessed Mom said...

holy goat balls! that's just