Friday, May 29, 2009

Keeping It Real!!!

I do have a really sweet friend, Janell and with her there's no pretense, if you're invited over your gonna eat what their family would eat every night and the house is gonna be like it always is, and I LOVE that about her, I love being invited over to be part of the family!

This is what my really good friend Cyndi wrote about me on her blog. You should really check out her blog "" and read more on what she had to say on us moms/wifes and all we do, want to do, and want others to think we do! Anyway it got me to thinking.
I could post just this pic of Cole reading to Moses and talk about the wonderful sides of homeschooling and how I love to see my kids help each other out. Only show pics of my house looking tidy, all my kids smiling, and photoshop pics of me if I knew how. So often we only let others see what we want them to see. We don't keep it real.
So many times us moms only see that part! It is so easy to notice what others are doing and what I am not doing. I realize that Satan so wants us moms to either be caught in the trap of being focused on our shortcomings, compared to other Moms, or he wants us to be on the other side and put our focus on how we want to look on the outside. Like Cyndi was saying, wanting others to see us, our homes, families, abilites, etc so much more than they really are. I think that this would be called pride and pride sucks. It is debilatating!!!
Lets keep it real!!! There are only 24 hours in a day. The kids need us, our husbands, friends, we need time with the Lord, house needs cleaning, bills need paying, school needs to get done, and so on. You get my drift.
Moses I just love this kid. He loves, I mean loves his pacifier, and blanket and we have no idea how we will say goodbye to the pacifier.
Little boy booty crack is so cute!!
Cole found these frogs at the lake. They were in the process of mating and he tried to seperate them but daddy frog held on tight. He put them in a tank and the next day we found them still together and the momma was laying a ton of eggs.


Jenna said...

Thank you for the encouragement! I am on my own Journey to the edge of Boyhood! #2 is due in July! Teps and I miss you guys so much!

ChrissyD said...

I totally agree sisters in Christ we need to bethere for each other and HONEST!
Miss you!

I love the pics of the boys. They are growing up so much and such
B O Y S!....I love it :)