Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What we've been doing lately

Cole caught this huge catfish at the lake by grandma's house. He is totally obsessed with fishing and feels like he don't get enough fishing time. The kids fishes at least 5 days a week!!
Rezin did a "Boy's Only" art camp for a week and loved it. He also got to work with clay everyday:) He is such an artist.
Rezin helping knead dough for supper.
Moses & his pacifier:) How will we ever get him to give it up?
Rezin & Moses having a picnic in the dining room! I love it when the kids have fun together.

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jennifer said...

I so hope that our boys get to fish together someday. Jonny loves it, but thinks he sucks at it! He doesn't get as much practice as your lucky country boys!